Saturday, October 19, 2013

That Was Some Party!

We had the most amazing time last night at the joint birthday party for Kathy's 50th and Rich's 70th! Our niece, Judy, planned and decorated and provided the fabulous food. She is an amazing party planner and thought of every perfect little detail. Our nephew, Ted Jr., and his wife Johanna opened their home to all of us as they always do for any occasion. Our nieces, Kathy, Carol, and Barbara along with their families (except for Addie) were here from Colorado. Their mom, Helen, must be so very proud of her family...her kids and grandkids are great, AND SO MUCH FUN! They are Rich's late brother, Ted's, family.

Rich's sister, Marianne, made a surprise appearance too! Ted Jr had convinced her to come at kind of the last minute. Judy also invited our best friends Bill & Deanne and Frank & Marion. Welcome to the party!

These childhood pictures of Rich and Kathy greeted us as we all entered.

This fun comparison between the twenty year difference in Rich's and Kathy's birth years was interesting and sat next to the table with their photos.

Judy had set up this photo area with hats, wigs, scarves, glasses, etc that were used for some fun photos.

Let me share just a few of those...

Come along with us and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!!

As it got darker outside, many of my photos include some interesting streaks of color and light.

After trying on a couple, Rich loved this wig and wore it the rest of the evening!

Even with all these pictures, I couldn't truly capture all the laughter and love of the evening. To all FB family, I'll post a link to this blog because I couldn't put all these photos on there and also couldn't pick just a few to represent how perfect the evening was and how much it meant to Rich and me to spend that time with all of you!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Our California Family & Friends

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