Sunday, October 20, 2013

Today...We Ate!

Mid-morning we met Bill & Deanne at The Junkyard for brunch. It was recommended by our family and three out of four of us had a great breakfast...take a wild guess as to who was the fourth. Of course.

It was a great place to sit and visit for a few hours with our long-time friends though.

This is for you, Shelby...PEACE!

After a stop to check on the girls, we went back over to Ted's and Johanna's to visit. Their daughter, Christina, was there. Soon, the rest of the family came over too.


Johanna & Brewski

Ted, Brewski, & Rich

Helen, Johanna, & Marianne

On our way to dinner, Merl and Helen rode with us so we could stop at Cal Lutheran. We never knew where the memorial brick with Ted Sr's name was located on campus but Merl had found it while working one day. Merl took us right to it and I got this photo of Helen sitting next to the brick. Ted and I were both CLU Alumni and now his daughter, Judy, and his grandson, Patrick, are students there!

The ten of us went to Cisco's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Like Rich has said, we don't remember ever having laughed so much for three consecutive days in our entire lives!


Judy & Barbara

Marianne, Johanna, & Helen

Ted Jr & Rich

Christina, Bev, & Merl

We all went back to Ted's for an hour or so then we said our goodbyes to all of them. Barbara flies back to Denver in the morning, Marianne flies home on Tuesday, and all the rest go back to work tomorrow. 

The girls were glad to see us get home so early!

Lovin' Life ~~ Fun, Food, Family

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