Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Rest of the Memorial Weekend...

Edited on June 8th...yikes!

The days just fly by. We spent this past weekend working on some projects with my son and DIL but most of my time is being spent right here at my computer, working on photo projects. So how about we catch up a bit?

My sister and her son got in late Saturday on Memorial Day weekend, so we saw them on Sunday. My youngest brother and his son also came down on Sunday. It is a rare treat for Mom, and for me, when all four of us are together. So much of a treat in fact that not one photo was taken of the four of us together or with Mom...yikes...I am slipping!

We are all so lucky that W&M still live in our hometown and always make us feel right at home when we are there! Except for Sunday evening, when we all convened at Mom's for some much needed spring de-cluttering, we spent the weekend at their house. There's nothing like the shade of a big ole tree for sitting and visiting on a sunny holiday weekend.

Now this is proof that we are all made of tough stock. Kneeling in the rocks here to split a geode so that the boys could see the magic inside (with disappointing results though) is my brother...the one who took an axe  a chainsaw to his knee while chopping wood last fall. Speaking of "slipping", we got there soon after he came back from the hospital so how could I not remember that he took a CHAINSAW to his knee...OMG...memory gettin' scary here.

My tough-as-nails brother.

There was some sparkle in this one, but not what Rich and I had hoped when we bought these in Arkansas.

My most favorite (and only...teehee) sister!

My sister's most favorite (and only...teehee) son!

My baby brother...do all youngest children have to hear that throughout their whole lives?

My baby brother's most favorite (and only...teehee) son!

My other brother's most favorite (and only...teehee) daughter!

aka: My Niece

My niece's most favorite (and only...teehee) husband!

And their three adorable sons!

Thank goodness my daughter and niece broke that one child thing that all my siblings had going on.

My mom is most happy when her kids are around. She is so excited that we all plan to be there again the last weekend in June.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family Gatherings


  1. well i wish it was only an axe i dont think that would have hurt as much as the chainsaw that i actually cut my knee with!!!!!

  2. I edited this post to correct my grievous error. What a blunder!

  3. Uh, yeah... I must agree that was a major slip up! But not as bad as the actual slip up by dad last fall!!!! =)


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