Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Art-Full Saturday

Rich and I enjoyed a late lunch of salad loaded with all kinds of yummy ingredients yesterday. Then, glancing down as I raised my fork, I saw this...

Does this remind you of a face that could have been painted by Pablo Picasso? Could a salad have been his muse? Remembering the famous $28,000 grilled cheese sandwich of a few years ago, I immediately wondered if my forkful of salad could be auctioned on E-Bay. At the same time, I was trying to adjust my camera with my left hand for a clearer shot when, much to my dismay, this miraculous work of art slipped from my fork. Alas, fame eludes me yet again...giggle!

On a more serious note, Greg & Jenny had given Rich tickets to the play, Faith Healer by Brian Friel, at The MAC. It was last evening.

Faith Healer is about the life of faith healer Francis Hardy as monologued through the shifting memories of Hardy, his wife, Grace, and stage manager, Teddy. The play consists of four parts, with a monologue making up each part. The monologues are given, in order, by the faith healer, Francis (Frank) Hardy himself; his wife, Grace; his manager, Teddy, and finally Hardy again. The monologues tell the story of the faith healer himself, with each of the three characters giving a different recollection of the same events.   ---Wikipedia

We had never attended a play as thought provoking as this. Because each part was a monologue, it required complete attention to the lines and silences and movements and expressions of these gifted actors. The intimate design of Theatre 2 in The MAC also enhanced this performance. We'll both remember and talk about this one for some time. Thanks, Greg & Jenny, for this fabulous gift! 

Lovin' Life ~~ Enhanced by Humor and Art

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