Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photos of Our Family

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did I mention that party day was a really jam-packed day? When the rains ended in the afternoon we assembled for a variety of family photos. Here are just a few...

Mom and her four goofball kids. The front to back, oldest to youngest grouping was Tom's idea and I love it!

Mom with her five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Our son, Greg, is on the left in the back. Our daughter, Sandee, and our three spectacular grandkids are together on the right. Our niece and her three boys are together on the left. Also in the back row, my youngest brother's son is in the middle and my sister's son is on the right.


Four generations: Mom, me, my kids, and my grandkids!

This is a rare and special shot...with only one exception, Shawn couldn't be there, our entire family gathered for this photo.

Adding to the day's fun for me was my high school BFF, Dorothy, showing up in her and her husband's new 'toy' ~ this Mercedes convertible. We drove around the Town Square, out to the high school and back to the square. This was our weekend night excitement when we were teens...driving this route and singing along with the radio!

And that. my friends. is the rest. of the story. for June 25, 2011.
Is that a collective "Amen!" I hear?

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Most Special of Days


  1. I just caught up on all your back posts. Looks like you've been having fun. Happy Birthday to Dylan. Ten is a great age.

    My family is about to gather but we'll be short my sister Jean. She refuses to travel anymore.

  2. Sorry I missed this great event and Happy Birthday to Dylan! Looks like it was a great day for all in spite of the weather we had that day. I hope to visit with all of you the next go around, love to all!


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