Sunday, July 31, 2011

Northwestern New York State

The drive across Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania was actually pretty boring and last night we parked at a WalMart in a lovely little town in Ohio. This afternoon we arrived at our first planned destination and are staying about 40 miles from Niagara Falls!

After setting up and settling in we drove up to Golden Hill State Park on the Lake Ontario shore and visited the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse.

This area is fascinating. Here's an anomaly for you. We are staying in a rural area surrounded by farms. The barns and other outbuildings are enormous and connected to each other which I assume reflects the necessity of protecting livestock and equipment during the long harsh winters. Yet...I swear there are more backyard swimming pools per capita in this area than there are in the San Fernando Valley...and at least five percent of them are in-ground pools! Go figure!!! [by the way: I don't claim any authenticity of these numbers, it's simply my observation]

Gotta get some sleep tonight so we can explore more of the area tomorrow but I wanted to share a couple of photos and let you all know that we're okay.

Lovin' Life ~~ Busily Meandering

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