Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moments ~ Shelby's in the Newspaper!

One of Shelby's most exciting Moments this trip was learning that her photo was in the newspaper! My brother, Tom, had e-mailed me saying he had seen Shelby and me in the hometown paper. I quickly e-mailed W & M and my BFF Dorothy to please send copies. Shelby immediately asked "What was I wearing that day?" Since we would have to wait a few days before getting the newspaper in the mail, we quickly pulled up that day's photos and found that she had on a quite acceptable that girl!

I had noticed the photographer when we all went to watch the firemen fill the city pool on June 24th but never dreamed they would pick a photo of us to print in the Carlinville Enquirer~Democrat the following week.

Here is a scanned shot of the photo they printed...

When was the last time your photo was published in a newspaper???

Lovin' Life ~~ And Totally Unexpected Celebrity!

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