Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh What a Storm!

After our all too brief respite from the heat yesterday morning, the temps climbed back into the 90s; I closed the windows and turned the air conditioning back on. And, this horrible summer weather continues. About 2:30 this morning, we were awakened by bright flashes of light followed closely by loud cracking booms piercing the nearly total darkness!

I decided to photograph the storm but my camera is simply too slow to catch those split second flashes. Here is my one in 114 shots...and I'm thrilled to have captured even one!

Another good shot is this one that captured the hail during a particularly long, bright lighting of the sky by multiple flashes of lightning.

Occasionally the sky looked like this during lightning flashes. You can see the torrential rain, the water standing on the fairway, and the waviness caused by rain running down the dining room window.

But the other 111 shots looked like this...giggle!

Lovin' Life ~~ But Not Summer Storms

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  1. Rain! After such a wet spring, the skies have subsided almost completely. We did get a little shower Sunday, but not much. Lots of watering the garden, filling the pool, etc. I will take it though. Lots of sunny days for pool time with my guys!!!!!


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