Monday, July 18, 2011

My Mom's Hair

I stayed with my mom from Thursday until yesterday morning. While there, we had her hairdresser cut her hair when she had her regular Friday appointment. For the past few years, Mom had let her hair go straight because she has great difficulty raising her arms to comb or fix it. She finally decided a few months ago to have her hair permed again. When she told this story to Joyce on Friday while getting her hair cut, I was reminded as to why she made this decision.

Her mom, my much-loved grandma, was a beautician for decades and always permed Mom's hair. Mom told Joyce that she decided to get it permed again so that her mother would recognize her when they meet again...aaaaaw. She knew that Mother would be mad that she had not kept up her beautifully silver-white hair.

When I saw her after her perm, my first comment was "Oh! You look like yourself again!" I've heard others make similar comments. Now this is what my mom looked like for years. I'm so glad that she has her hair curled again!

This is a photo taken at her birthday in January. She's right, Grandma would possibly not even recognize her.

Speaking of good lookin' relatives with silvery bro and SIL this past weekend.

I, too, have silver-white hair and always thought that I would let it go natural, like Mary's (and Wayne's too!), after retiring. Unfortunately, it is only white on the top and sides; the hair on the back of my head is still very dark brown...geesh.

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