Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Was Your First Clue?

Perhaps the photo gave it away? Yes, we are ON THE ROAD AGAIN! We left home a few minutes past 8:00 this morning. This time we're heading for the far northeast.

Did you notice the new traveling companion on my desk? It was a gift from my sister when we were all together in June and provides three of life's necessities...a fan for cooling, an emergency supply of chocolate, and a smile every time I look at it.'s blue! Everyone who's anyone knows that blue M&Ms are my favorites.

We have been so busy shopping for a special little girl's upcoming birthday, organizing & copying 2010 and 2011 photos to send Sandee, preparing for this trip, etc., etc. that I am far behind on blogging. Hopefully, I'll get caught up now.

Lovin' Life ~~ Ready for a New Adventure

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  1. Ya' know... Your m&m's wouldn't have made it long down here! I mean they would have melted in the heat on the dashboard of course. Ha Ha! =)


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