Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights & Movie Night

We've been so busy since getting here that I only met our next door neighbors today when the kids and we went to the little playground here at our RV park.

Yesterday I decided that their parents would probably appreciate having some holiday prep time. We were at their house when the kids got home from school. After they did their Friday chores we went to dinner then drove to the Mesa Arizona Temple to see the Christmas lights display in the gardens there. From the moment I saw this at a distance through the trees, it moved me...the star that is.

I wish all of you could see this in person, especially this star. The rest of the gardens were decorated with a multitude of colored lights. The Three Kings leading their camels toward the star, the reflection of the lights and the Temple in the pool, the lighted walkways,  the decorated front of the Visitors Center...oh how I wish I could make you feel like you were there!

After strolling through the gardens and soaking in the holiday atmosphere at the Temple, we came home for another holiday tradition...watching the movie Elf! Talk about contrasting holiday experiences! Everyone had their favorite movie candy and the beds were made and we laughed about as much this time as the first time we all saw it!

Lucky us! Their folks didn't pick them up until late this afternoon!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Holiday Traditions

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