Sunday, December 11, 2011

We're In Arizona!

Written Saturday evening but couldn't finish until Sunday morning.

We still have 150 miles to go to see the kids but we've covered nearly 900 miles through Texas and New Mexico yesterday and today. That's a lot of seat time but it's great to finally be nearing our destination. We saw snow all along the I-10 across both states today.

It's a bit weird to see snow surrounding cactus.

Now here is a sight that Mom would love! She loves cowboys and horses anyway, but this scene would be special to her.

Near Sweetwater, TX we drove along many of these fields. I think I know why they don't plow straight rows, but I don't know why the furrows are so deep. Anyone?

The setting sun just west of Pecos, TX. We don't often drive after dark. Last night we were certainly rewarded for our efforts though.

The southern most part of the Rockies can be seen in the distance right after sunset. Often, depending on the clouds, the sky is the most colorful after the sun sets.

It was dark as we approached Van Horn, TX for the night.

We got on the road rather early this morning so that we could get parked at a decent time this evening. All across New Mexico on I-10 we continued to see snow, even more than in Texas. It made us so glad that we exercised the caution of driving south out of Oklahoma and staying in Arlington, TX that few days.

The southern end of the Rockies in the early morning haze as we left Van Horn. These are not what the Rockies look like in Colorado where our nieces see them every day!

Snow and cactus east of El Paso.

A hilltop cross in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, across the Rio Grande River, as we drove through the west end of El Paso, TX.

We stopped in Las Cruces, New Mexico just long enough for me to run in here, San Saba, to pick up Rich's favorite Green Chile seasoning and my white chocolate pecans.

This is in Las Cruces, NM today. On Tuesday, I-10 was still closed between Las Cruces and Lordsburg (our route) and there were many crashes including a multiple car pileup. Temps in the single digits and teens continued during the week. Not for us, not in a motorhome.

Snow highlighting talus fans on a mountainside west of Deming, NM.

Rich taking the girls for a walk during our lunch break at a Rest Area. We all need an occasional stretch on these long driving days.

When you see these mountains off in the distance, you know...Arizona!

Not long after you get into ARIZONA, you enter Texas Canyon. There are Rest Areas on either side of the interstate. We didn't stop this time but please plan to if you're driving through this area. Here are a few shots I took as we went on through.

I couldn't get the last few photos to upload or even save and finish what I had gotten done on this post last night. My Wi-Fi went from working intermittently to totally dying a few days ago and connectivity at RV parks is slow to nonexistent...grrr.

The exciting news is that this morning we will head toward our final destination and finally see the kids!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Ready to Settle Into Our Winter Life!

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