Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Monday Evening

I know they won't all be like this, but this evening is a perfect example of why I wanted to spend a lot of time here with the kids this winter. It's certainly not all about the weather because it has rained all day [yes, we are here so of course the rain is too!] and it is very chilly. Through mid-afternoon, Rich and I shopped for and then wrapped gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas. My mom made these for my kids and then for my grandkids...we have all loved them!

Back to this perfect evening...I was walking from the hall into their living room this evening and quickly grabbed my camera to capture this shot. Santa brought Dexter to them for Christmas last year; it seems that Dexter still feels quite at home under their Christmas tree! Isn't this just too adorable???

Jackson needed to finalize the development of his experiment for the upcoming science fair. He and his grandpa talked about it last night, Rich offered a few suggestions and picked up some materials today. This evening, he served as an advisor as Jackson conducted the experiment, documented the process, and graphed the outcomes.

Shelby and I went shopping for materials to make snow globes this weekend for the kids to give as gifts to teachers and friends. I didn't take pictures of us shopping but I am posting the one of her with her 12 Days of Christmas. Of course, the boys have them too. And...they were all made and filled with love by their Great-grandma Pogue, Grandpa and me, and their folks.

Sandee had gone out too...there are so many errands to run and so much shopping to do! Shortly after we all got home, Shawn and Dylan got home from Dylan's hockey game. Of all games for Grandpa and I to miss...Dylan was elected Game MVP by his teammates for tonight's game and is shown here wearing the MVP helmet!

We were one busy family tonight...and THIS is what it's all about!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Oh Yeah!

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