Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

This was the last item on the list of things we had selected to see after having to reroute ourselves down here to Arlington, TX. The sun was shining all day and the temps were in the high fifties...a perfect day to walk around for a few hours enjoying the incredible beauty here in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

This should be in my "Come Sit a Spell, Won't Ya?" collection, if I had a collection like that!

There was still bright, glorious fall coloration all throughout this area which was a surprise to me when we got here. However, much of it was lost those two nights that it got down to near freezing.

Those temps didn't destroy all of the roses and pansies though!

The most breathtaking area of the Botanic Garden was its seven acre Japanese Garden. I don't think that my rambling would add anything to the photos so I'll let them show you this magnificent area.

We worked up quite an appetite walking around the Garden so took a gamble on a little place not far from there called Railhead Smokehouse for a late lunch. The food gods were with us when we picked this place. They had the best beef ribs you could ever hope to taste and fries just like the ones at Cousins in Canyon Country all those years was like inhaling a bit of heaven.

If you ever have the good luck to visit Fort Worth...come hungry! Tomorrow morning we finally get to resume our trip westward. We are so anxious to see the kids! Anytime we're parked this long, there's some housekeeping that needs to be done before we roll...I'd better get started on my part.

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