Sunday, December 11, 2011

Home Sweet Arizona Home!

Yes, we finally arrived at our destination, our home for the winter. After getting the RV and the girls settled. We headed out to pick up mail at our P.O. Box and then met our family at the ice rink to watch Dylan's hockey game. It was amazing to me just how much more aggressive he was on the ice since I saw him play a month ago...he must have a great coach this year.

When we got to their house we were finally able to deliver the antique bookcase/secretary that my mom had given Sandee several years ago. It has been in our guest room since then. She and I are both thrilled that it has found its way here in the back of our Saturn this trip!

Their Christmas tree was already decorated, but they had saved ornaments so that we could all put the last ones on after we got sweet!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Being "Home" Here

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