Thursday, December 1, 2011

On The Road Again

If you caught my earlier post today, you know that we are headed southwest for the winter. It takes a lot of planning and organization to prepare. I've been cooking meals for the freezer, Christmas shopping, getting Christmas cards and holiday letter in the mail, cleaning, doing laundry...stuff like that. Rich has built shelves, redesigned drawers, and lots of stuff that is way too technical for me with the end result that he gets all the systems in the RV and the car ready. We spent most of yesterday hauling stuff out to the RV and storing it all away. This morning we shoehorned even more stuff into an already packed RV.

Today we made it past St. Louis, which was what we had hoped to do. Dylan texted me Tuesday evening and one thing he asked was when we were leaving for their house "so i can look at all of your "beautiful" pictures." I texted back to make sure and, yes, he was talking about the photos I post when we're on the road...aaaawww So, here you go Dylan!

This shot was the result of pure luck. It was taken from the I-255 which is a bypass south of the city. I took several blind shots of the St. Louis Arch as we drove past; this is the best. We were quite a distance from it so I did crop the photo. The shot is amazing (even if I do say so myself) and Rich, a rail fan, was awestruck when he saw it.

It was dark before we parked for the night. Here are a few shots of the sunset as we drove into it.

We're crashing early tonight so that we can get a lot of miles put behind us tomorrow.

Lovin' Life ~~ And "Beautiful" Pictures

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  1. Happy Travels to you... Til we meet again! Today I am beginning to wonder if you all came through here without telling us. We have had rain, rain, rain! ;) Not sure how much total, but forecasts were for over 3 inches. The fields along our highway into town are once again flooded. I will just take it as your extended hello wave from St. Louis! LOL!


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