Saturday, December 3, 2011

Early Winter Conditions

These two photos were taken in Missouri. That is one beautiful state if you're not already aware of that. The day was gray though and the nakedness of the trees and shrubs in winter, added to the fact that we've been through here a few times now, didn't leave much to shoot.

I've always loved the rocky terrain. Seeing the rock outcroppings along the roadway when riding through here as a child was my first awareness that there was much to see that was different than where we lived.

A pasture populated with a very large herd of white cattle that I think may be Charolais. Love the old barn that sits far back from the interstate. This photo is deeply cropped so you can only see a small sample of the herd.

Most of the drive through Oklahoma looked like this...

This next photo was taken as we crossed the Arkansas River. That is downtown Tulsa in the background. The River certainly shows the effects of their drought...we were shocked at how low it is. We're not complaining about all of this rain because the water is desperately needed here.

Trees are natural sculptures and I love seeing their shapes as exposed in winter.

We spent several hours this morning checking and rechecking weather forecasts for the next three days. They're not good. With nighttime temperatures in the mid-teens (yikes!) and icy/rainy/snowy conditions predicted through the Texas Panhandle and all across New Mexico, traveling in an RV would be risky. That is why we are staying here another night and then heading south rather than Meandering west southwest on local highways as we did in March. This route will add enough time to our trip that we won't be there for Dylan's band concert Wednesday evening but he was great about it when his Grandpa explained it all. Safety is paramount...and we might even get to go to Gilley's in Dallas!

Lovin' Life ~~ Changin' With The Weather

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