Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snow on the Mazatzal Mountains

Today was chores day; we didn't see the kids at all. We did laundry, cleaned house, paid get the drift. All of those things have to be done no matter where we are staying; it's just life.

Driving west on the way to the laundromat this morning we saw a rainbow; it faded before I could shoot.

Driving east on our way back from the laundromat and lunch early this afternoon, this is what we saw...

Just after I took that shot, Rich said "look to the north" and we saw this...

We've never seen snow on the mountains here so we dropped off the laundry at home, loaded the girls in the car, and drove up around the Superstition Mtns to better see the snow on the distant Mazatzal Mtns.

Were we in for a surprise! We've driven up to Canyon Lake on that road before but never when there was so much green on the massive rock formations. Here are a few shots.



No, I haven't forgotten that we went up there to see the snow. How about these views of it?

If you've been paying attention to the detail in these photos...giggle, may have noticed the gnarly clouds. Even though it didn't rain today, these clouds were with us throughout, with occasional breaks enabling the sun to highlight this magnificent land. We'll take the rain though if it continues to gift us with rainbows and mountain snows!

You will see much more of this area because we are living at the base of the Superstition Mtns., we're talking mere minutes away! I love these mountains for their craggy spires and, they happen to be at the "gateway" to the southwest end of the Tonto National Forest.

Oh yeah, who else do you know who can turn a drive home from the laundromat into such an adventure?

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