Thursday, December 1, 2011


So, whadya think? This is my rendition of a snowbird and will be our icon for the winter. YES! We left home this morning to spend the next several months in the great American southwest.

Well, of course, there is a story behind this bird...thanks for asking. Rich has a penchant for selecting items that are quite ugly bizarre unique whenever we are asked to participate in a gift exchange or white elephant. This bird is the latest, and actually the nicest, of all. This was his "guy" gift for our family gift exchange last Christmas and he was reluctant to part with it. Apparently his attachment to it was obvious because his nephew regifted it back to him for his birthday. He rejoiced at having it back!

Thinking about an image to represent our winter Meanderings, this pure white bird came to mind immediately! I photographed it sitting on top of a cabinet in our basement. Using Photoshop, I slightly blurred the wall to look a bit like snowy sky and then created some fluffy piles of snow. Now he will reside on my side bar for the next few months.

Lovin' Life ~~ Won't You Come Along?

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