Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Evening Drive Up Apache Trail

There's a road up into the mountains, not far from our home, called Apache Trail. I love that drive but, with all that happened last winter, we were only up there once. Again this year we have been so busy getting settled that we had not yet made time; today we made time. After chores and errands and shopping (more on that later!), we came back home to get The Girls and took a drive up Apache Trail.

The sun was getting low, setting the mountains alight as we drove higher into the mountains.

This is Canyon Lake, which is only about ten miles from our house.

A wider view of Canyon Lake

We drove around the mountain on the left in the photo above and down to the marina at the lake. Even though they were closed, Rich located a person who could get us a brochure. We want to rent a boat and explore the lake. It is long and narrow with only what you see here accessible by road.

On our drive back the sun was nearly set.

The waxing crescent moon and Venus in the southwest sky.

The waxing crescent moon.

When we got closer to town, Rich took a dirt road up to a higher point on Lost Dutchman where we could see the lights of our winter city.

This is a gorgeous place and another thing to be ever thankful for, that we get to live part of the year in this natural splendor.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Arizona Mountains

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