Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ordinary Days

Perhaps I should set a new goal of posting on the odd numbered days of November for NaBlogPoMo? At least it would still be an objective!

After an appointment yesterday morning, where I confess to pilfering a magazine while waiting for MOAO. Wait just a minute! Have you ever done that? This was my first but it had a great article in it about the importance of STEM programs in education that I want to share with our grands. Besides that it was a few months old, the only issue of that particular magazine in the whole office, and was not addressed to that office. And that is how I continue to justify it.

Anyway, after his appointment we stopped at Elvira's in Apache Junction for a late lunch. I wish you all could eat here. The food is good and plenty but the booths, tables, wall art, benches...are all works of art. The backs of the chairs and booths are hand carved and everything is hand painted in a Mexican village, but I cannot remember the name. Vibrant colors and fun subjects...I loved it! The next time we go there I'll take my real camera, the phone photos cannot do it justice.

While waiting for our lunch, I checked FB on my phone and saw the following message from our friends Pam & Donnie. 

I dont know how to comment on your blog but have to tell you I so enjoy your blog page with all the pic and activities you, Rich and the kids take part in

I'm posting a copy of it here simply because it and the comments that followed meant so much to me. These are all folks who see my FB posts every day and yet still regularly check out my blog. As I told Pam, I know there are folks who follow but hardly anyone ever leaves a comment there. Without mom reading it, for a long time now I wondered if I was just writing to the atmosphere. It reminded me that you are there and to thank all of you who continue to follow me here!

Last evening was my Bunco night. It seems I am now a regular member! It is a great way to get to know a dozen local women, have a fun night out, and enjoy having dinner with them. My winning $10.00 last night was icing on the cake! Plus, while I was out Rich finished touching up all the sloppy paint in our bedroom! I believe that's called a Win-Win-Win for me! 

November 5, 2013

We spent a few hours this morning doing some long-term planning of projects on our dream list. Our realtor got us in touch with a retired architect who has provided initial views of three of those dream projects. If we ever get to do any of these I'll share some of those images. The level of detail in the images of architectural software is astonishing.

This afternoon we shopped for a couple more small pieces of furniture for the guest rooms. With guests coming for Thanksgiving weekend, we want them to be as comfortable as possible. Rich went for a short hike right after we got home. 

It is getting dark so early here now. The weather is perfect with warm sunny days and we can still sleep with fresh air coming in all night, but the days are definitely shorter. I hope you have all adjusted to the time change; it's weird to not be changing clocks.

Lovin' Life ~~ Thankful for the Sunshine

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