Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rich Has a New Ride!

Check out Rich's new wheels! After riding up the mountain on Wednesday, he mentioned that his bike is not really suited for that kind of riding. We went to dinner with friends that evening and he tried out Jim's bike after we got back to their house. He thought he would start looking...ahem.

When we were out running errands on Thursday, he wanted to just stop in and see what they had at Two Wheel Jones. I waited in the car, he was in there for what seemed like a long time but I was contentedly playing solitaire on my phone when I looked up and he was walking toward my side of the car grinning from ear to ear.

Turns out they had exactly what he was hoping for, it's a brand new model that had just come in, he had already ridden it, and wanted me to come in and see it. And, you know the rest of the story!

Truthfully, I'm just about as excited as he is. It has a taller frame, bigger tires, and is designed for the kind of mountain and off-road riding he does out here. He loves riding these trails and the most important thing to me is that he do it safely. He is one happy guy.

Yesterday he bought more gear for it and was ready for a long ride this morning. He visited some of our winter friends at the KOA after cruising some off road routes. He called me about an hour after that to say that he had a flat tire so would be longer than anticipated. I talked him into letting me come get him so that he could fix the flat here at home. This is typical for off-road riding out here, a piece of cactus puncturing a tire is common. Hasn't dampened his spirits one little bit though.

Lovin' Life ~~ Safely

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  1. love the picture! I thought my new computer did something to your blog with all the "bubbles", so i checked it out on my old one and ta da!!! bubbles here too!!! lol
    I also love riding my bike that Lisa got me! It sure does make a difference to get a bike that is comfortable! :) KAP


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