Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another Ideal Weekend!

Well, so much for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I posted on the first but already blew it by not posting yesterday. You wouldn't think it would be hard to post some little thing every day for a month, especially a month of Thanksgiving, but it is for me. Everyone who knows me well is aware that I am tremendously thankful every day of my life for all the wonder that is mine.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rich has made great progress repairing all the messy paint on ceilings and trim and outlets and all the other places where the previous owners slopped paint. This is merely a tiny sample; this careless painting was on nearly every inch of the house that butted up against all those hideously dark colored walls.

Some, but only some, doorways were painted some version of the dark colors used; some random sections of woodwork along the floors were painted the same way. There was no logic that we can determine and we've had lots of time to analyze while fixing this mess. How about that lighting system Rich cobbled together? It gives great painting light!

As we headed to an art showing by our neighbors' daughter, these riders were crossing front of us about a mile from the house.

 The Horse Crossing signs here are no joke, we see so many riders.

I wish we had more time yesterday because there were many homes on the art tour by the Artists of Superstitions. We only had about three hours though between painting and picking up the kids. We stopped for lunch on our way to Gold Canyon. Here are a couple of Erin's paintings; she had several on display.

The painting above the fireplace behind her and her parents was painted by Erin too. Rich and I have one of her paintings in our living room that we absolutely love looking at every day!

We picked the kids up around 4:30, stopped for a few groceries, made dinner, and settled down to watch Monsters U. After all the Halloween excitement Thursday evening, a busy day at school on Friday, and a garage sale and play-date Saturday, Shelby was asleep soon after the movie Dora's "bed" in the corner of the couch!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Overnight it was Bella sharing a bed with Shelby!

It was a relaxing morning for everyone.

Thursday evening the kids had asked their Gpa if he would make his salsa for them again this weekend. They got started on that project right after I cleaned up the breakfast pans and dishes. Dylan and Shelby pitched in and helped while Rich taught them some skills! Jackson observed for a while.

I had gone in to take a picture of Jackson on the couch listening to music and noticed The Girls lying in the sun keeping a watch on the neighborhood.

Just then they both jumped to their feet and Bella looked up at me barking her alarm; sure enough, Sandee had turned onto our street, and was pulling into the driveway.

Dylan joined them to calm and hold them while Sandee came to the door.

While dinner was cooking, the kids and I swam. So far the pool cover is keeping the water warm enough for a perfect swim, by my standards anyway. The kids still think it's too cold which is understandable since they mostly swim in the summer when it is in the one-teens out here! They just crack me up and we had so much fun!

Rich grilled chicken. It looks like Jackson and Shelby are amazed at Gpa's grilling skills right? Nope! They are trying to get warm by the heat of the grill since they just got out of the pool...haha

After dinner, while the kids were packing up, Rich and Sandee took a stroll through our yard. Everyone who saw it before enjoys it so much more now that all that overgrown brush is gone.

While outside to sneak a shot of them, I took another of these beautiful blooms on one of our Ocotillo.

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    1. So happy that you did, kap! btw: I absolutely loved your comment about coming here for "the rest of the story" even though you see my FB posts.


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