Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shelby's Weekend

Jackson had plans for Saturday and Dylan had four hockey games this weekend, with the first one out of town Friday evening. We picked up Shelby after school on Friday and she stayed with us until we all met at Dylan's fourth game this afternoon.

Rich was finishing up several small projects around the house this weekend. Shelby and I had a crafting/baking weekend!

Friday evening she made me a rubber band bracelet on her loom. I love it! It has my three favorite colors: teal for me, purple for Sandee, and orange for Greg.

The previous weekend, she and I had picked up a couple of things to make for the holidays but didn't have time to start them then. We didn't get to spend much time on this, but I am teaching her to embroider. There was a bit of a delay before I could start her on this project because I had to re-learn the art myself so that I could teach her.

We took a break to walk out into the yard near the road while Rich was clearing some cactus. Shelby was admiring the eyes and nose that Grandpa added to KJJ recently. If you recall, the kids and G'pa built King Julian Jr a few weeks ago.

 Our Yard

Then we sat outside and Shelby was showing Rich how to use the rubber band loom, while I worked on her latchhook for a bit. The deal was that I would help her because she was making me another bracelet, but she didn't have time to finish it.

Yesterday evening we baked a pumpkin dessert and these Raspberry Bars. Do these look familiar Sandee B?

Again this morning, Shelby worked on her latchhook project for a little while before we left to go to Dylan's hockey game. She caught onto this craft very quickly!

She learned two new crafts and I got reacquainted with them as well, in addition to having a couple of yummy desserts to enjoy!

Lovin' Life ~~ Showing Shelby Things I Enjoy Doing 

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