Monday, November 25, 2013

Marianne Is Here!

We are so excited that Marianne is visiting us for ten days! Saturday morning I took this shot of the girls playing tug-o-war.

On our way over to the kids' house Saturday afternoon, I took this fabulous shot of the Superstitions...I never get tired of seeing them in all different kinds of light.

Sandee had dinner ready soon after we got there and then baked chocolate chip cookies. Can you tell that Shelby is not thrilled with her cookie dough stealing brother?

In response, he took the bowl and was going to dig in but then...

...his mom took back control of the bowl of cookie dough! So fun!

The kids spent the night with us Saturday night and then we all hung out here on Sunday. After breakfast, Rich decided that the step stool we bought at IKEA last week needed a face since the two holes on each end looked like eyes. I did the end you can see here while Shelby and Rich did the other.

Here is Shelby wearing their creative masterpiece!

We can find the simplest, funnest things to do. Shelby helped me tear bread to dry for Thanksgiving dressing. Dylan helped a bit but quickly lost interest. He and Jackson brought their X-Box over so they were playing football...what a surprise, huh?

Everyone pitched in to make place cards with menus for Thursday. Rich started that tradition with Sandee years ago so I loved seeing him do that with our grands this year...special times, these!

I cooked potatoes with the skins on to go with chicken nuggets for lunch and so everyone gathered around to smash and load their own potato with a variety of toppings.

Sandee and Shawn came to get them and stayed to visit for quite a while so the whole weekend was one giant treat!

Today was so special because Marianne flew in around noon. We stopped for lunch at Red, White, & Brew...yummy! When we got home we gave her the full tour, then took a drive, and shopped for the last of the groceries. While I worked on photos, Rich taught her to play Farkle. We are enjoying her being here and catching up on each others' lives.

Lovin' Life ~~ The Excitement Builds!

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