Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And A' Riding He Did Go!

I realize that this is not an odd numbered November day, but what can I say. Did I ever claim to be consistent or reliable in my objectives? There are really cool photos to post today so I wanted to get right on it!

After the frigid winds died down around noon, (no really, it was in the fifties last night and this morning...geez!), Rich left to go riding in the Goldfield Mountains behind our house.

Here is a view of the Goldfield Mountains. You can see the face in the rock at the top center, which I have posted before. It is the first thing I see most mornings because we usually sleep with the bedroom door open (not last night...whine!) that leads to the pool.

Here is a closer view of the rocky top where the face is. Do you see Rich sitting there having a snack?

Now do you see him?

Okay, I asked him to stand up. Surely you can see him now???
He is standing to the right of the face's left eye.
Next time I'll ask him to wear brighter clothes...giggle!

He called me while he was taking a snack break because he could see our house, barely. I went outside and walked around to the other side of the motorhome. He could make me out when I moved to the street but I never could see really see him. I just kept shooting with my fabulous zoom toward the area in the rocks where he thought he was. His bike was down around the back of lower rocks and the hike up to where he was standing was treacherous, as was much of the ride. He AMAZES me!

He took some pictures too. In this one, you can see the back of our house with the motorhome parked next to it. The main part of the house is shielded by our ironwood tree. As you can tell, he was quite a ways above our street, quite a climb on a bike!

Here's a better view of the back of our house from the mountain. He zoomed and then I cropped to get this. See the motorhome parked right next to our house? You can see that our yard goes all the way out to the street on the left.

Another day to be thankful for...thankful that he again challenged himself in a way that he loves and did so safely!

Lovin' Life ~~ Always!

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