Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dylan's Weekend

Dylan's weekend was filled with hockey games. They played in Peoria on Friday evening, played in Gilbert yesterday, and had two games in Gilbert today. When we got there today, I asked about the three previous games; they had lost all three but played better each game so the parents were excited about their potential for this last game of the weekend.

Shelby, Rich, and I must be good luck because, not only did they win 2 - 1 this afternoon, but Dylan made the winning goal! And...they played a rough team so there were injuries; it was a hard-played, well-won game! Here are just a few shots...

Dylan #23 is near the center of this shot; his team is wearing white.

No, I did not catch the goal with my camera because I was watching and, in my excitement, didn't react quickly enough. Here his teammates are surrounding and congratulating him! His goal made the score 2 -1. That was near the end of the second period, which made for a long, nerve-racking third period for all of their fans!

His team skating over to greet the losing team at the end of the game.

Dylan was awarded the Game Puck!

Lovin' Life ~~ Thrilled to See Dylan's Goal

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