Friday, November 8, 2013

Veteran's Day Program at School

We had such a wonderful day beginning with a Veteran's Day Program at Shelby's school. By the way, after all these years it seems so strange that only one of our grands now attends that terrific elementary school. Two years ago I had the privilege of attending this program when I was out there to stay with the kids while Sandee & Shawn went to Alabama for the football game. Finally, this year Rich got to attend.

All of the veterans registered before entering the campus. They all received a hand-written thank you note from a student, the program, and a lanyard holding a card honoring their service.

There were several large art projects completed by students.

A breakfast buffet was served in the Library where, on a wall of honor, several collages were hung that contained photos of service men and women related to students. On the one pictured here, my dad is the third photo down on the left edge and Rich is the third photo down on the right edge.

The field of flags representing veterans who have passed away is always an awesome, moving area on campus for this day.

 A high school color guard opened the ceremony. 

The school chorus, of which Shelby is a member, performed.

Shelby is near the center, to the left of the girl in the brown top.

This retired Army veteran, who was a POW in Vietnam, gave one of the best speeches I've ever heard. He mentioned the Declaration of Independence and how radical it was at the time to think about each person having liberty. He continued to talk about liberty as an ideal and the personal responsibility that accompanies that right of having the freedom to make choices about your life. He was so inspiring!

Retired, local TV newscasters, Kent Dana & Jineane Ford introduced each of the veterans who attended.

Rich is introduced!

Sandee & Rich enjoying the program.

All of the veterans standing for one final recognition.

Grandpa & Shelby

The flag honoring my dad.

Sandee standing next to her grandpa's flag.

Rich loved every minute of the program and was so impressed with the scale of it, as was I when I got to attend the first time. Every student in the school is involved in some manner in the preparation before and the performance of the program today. It is an amazing way to educate our children in the enormous sacrifices made by servicemen and women and their families, a way for them to express gratitude for all the benefits we enjoy as Americans. Those sacrifices ensure that we remain free to pursue the ideal of liberty!

Lovin' Life ~~ Honoring Our Veterans

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