Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Nearest "Neigh"bors!

While Rich was mountain biking today, I heard our "neigh"bors (I just can't resist typing that word over and over...giggle!) whinnying so I grabbed my camera. These "neigh"bors spend most of their time in their stalls but today three of them were in the corral. These "neigh"bors live directly across the street at the end of our driveway.

They were watching me as I walked over to the outer gate.

The three who were loose came to the gate without hesitation.

My mom would be appalled but, I confess that I don't know the names of any of these "neigh"bors. I've met the owner, but only once.

How do you get to know your "neigh"bors? Shall we invite them for dinner? Or a dip in the pool? How silly!

Back to reality! Last Friday when Sandee, Rich, and I were touring model homes, he was telling her about his new bike. At some point, I commented that his safety is my top concern when he's out in the mountains alone so I was thrilled with his new bike too. She then suggested that we check out tracking apps for our smart phones...huh? We had no idea.

I researched several yesterday and gave him a list of three. Last evening Rich loaded GPS Tracker on both our phones. This is so amazing. Here is a screen shot I just took of the route he rode today through a portion of the Goldfield Mountains. The light green area is a small section of the Tonto National Forest, which is where he's been riding lately. The blue dots that are not numbered were when I checked on him, or at least that what I think they are. Without bothering/distracting him at all, I could see where he was when I pinged his phone! Our house is indicated with a 4; he rode to 5 and the blue dot to the right of it then headed north toward 6. That open area from 6 downward to the left was when the app could not locate him. The final two blue dots show him riding back down to Cactus Rd which is not too far from our house.

Is this just too cool for words or what?!?!?!

Here are a few photos he took on today's ride:

The Superstitions with Weaver's Needle in the distance to the left.

I LOVE this oh-so-funky saguaro!

What a pretty sky and trail shot!

Can you see Weaver's Needle, to the left of the Superstitions, more clearly now?

I know you can see it now!

I have never been so comfortable while he was riding as I was today. Some of these apps border on the miraculous!

Lovin' Life ~~ And the "Neigh"bors (Couldn't resist one more!)

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