Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beautiful Bracelets by Shelby

Before we left home I had purchased a bracelet kit because the price was drastically reduced and I hoped Shelby and I could have fun making bracelets together. Here, Shelby is sporting the very first bracelet. I was amazed at how quickly, after only watching me tie two knots, she picked it up and went ahead to make several bracelets.

The first two involved both Grandpa and I struggling to get the wooden beads threaded onto the cords. No American Girl fan little girl could even begin to get those cords through the inadequately tiny holes in the beads that were provided in the kit. It was infuriating to me that a company would sell such cheap kits for children under its name. Thanks to supplies sold at Michael's and Hobby Lobby though, we acquired more colors of cord and a huge tub of beads in all colors, sizes, and shapes.

Shelby's next project was a bracelet for her teacher in their school spirit colors. Here's how to create a beautiful bracelet.

Adding a bead.

Securing the anchor cords after adding a bead.

Continuing to knot the cords.

Adding the rose bead at the center of the bracelet.

Shelby with the finished bracelet for her teacher.

Here is a closeup of the beautiful bracelet, which her teacher LOVED of course!
All together we made seven bracelets: two for Shelby, one for her mom, the one for her teacher, one for her mom's friend at work, and two for me! Here are mine...

Teal is my favorite color, purple is Sandee's, orange is Greg's, and I picked a light teal heart to represent Rich at the center.


This is my "Grandma" bracelet. Using their favorite colors, blue is for Jackson, pink is for Shelby, and green is for Dylan with a light purple butterfly in the center for their mom.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Beautiful Bracelets

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  1. All too often I have bought kits and found the components not worth the price I paid. I wish they'd just be honest and only sell the directions ....

    You all made some great bracelets but I'll bet you made even better memories.


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