Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jamaica Beach RV Park

Rich picked what must be the very best RV park on Galveston Island.

The office and other guest amenities are housed in the beautiful "home" on the right.

There was a small herd of Alpacas for petting...

There was an outdoor fitness area. The equipment looked great but I never saw anyone use it while we were there.

There were lots of Oleander bushes which always remind me of California!
But wait...there's more!

Ahoy, mateys! A pirate ship has beached on the other shore!

It appears they're unloading cargo. Oh no, shiver me timbers, there's a sword fight between two pirates if you peek through the jaws!
Captain Hook is manning the cannon. 

Whilst this seafaring lad hoists the day's catch.
Look closely at the face of this bemused pirate. Do you recognize him? Doesn't he look like Captain Jack Sparrow?

Here's a closer view...

This was the Pirate themed miniature golf course at Jamaica Beach RV Park...the coolest we've seen by far. The playground and pool were top-notch too. The dog run was small, but they do have one.

Lovin' Life ~~ At Jamaica Beach

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  1. I visited alpacas on the 24th. I probably won't post about it though because I visit them often and have posted a couple of times previously.


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