Friday, April 15, 2011

Madison Square Park

We finally searched for a dog park so that the girls could run, run, run! There are several in San Antonio but this one was the closest to where we are staying. When we got there, we were excited about the fenced dog area and so were Dora and Bella!

Just look at them go!

Rich was thrilled that they had so much space in which to run and it was clean and mowed.

And just look at this...a doggie water fountain! Have you ever... 
Seriously, your human steps on it and the water gurgles out into a stainless steel dish! I suggested to Rich that he should install one in our master bathroom that the girls can step on themselves to get a drink! Wouldn't that be slick?!?!

Here are just a couple more shots of them running.

Since our day contained three distinct segments, I'm going to break the day into three posts too. See ya here again in a bit!

Lovin' Life ~~ Watching The Girls Run

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  1. There is a doggie water fountain at home on the pier in Friday Harbor. The fountain is 3 levels, adult, kid, and pooch. I never thought of taking a photo!


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