Thursday, April 7, 2011

Las Cruces Museum of Art

Exploring more of Las Cruces, yesterday afternoon we decided to visit the Museum of Art.

We love art museums and try to take time to visit wherever we find one. After the fabulous collection we viewed in Roswell, NM a few weeks ago, we were looking forward to another treat.

Since it was a Wednesday afternoon, the lack of cars in the parking lot didn't mean much. After entering we saw a woman sitting behind the desk who appeared to be a security guard.

I said, "We would like to tour your museum."
She replied, "There is no exhibit now."
I said, "That's okay. We were not aware of any special exhibits anyway."
She said, "The next exhibit won't open until April 15th." 
Still clueless, I said something like, "We'd still like to view your collection" to which she finally got through to me that THERE IS NO COLLECTION. I would type some giggles and tee hees here except that she was serious; it is true. The Las Cruces Museum of Art has no permanent collection!

After we got back to the RV later, I logged onto their website, which is where I copied the banner above and the following photo which clearly shows the museum's collection...

Maybe I was just ready for a good laugh, but I did find this humorous! I do wish them all the best in acquiring a collection of art because it appears that they have a lovely building in a great location in the heart of town.

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  1. Invisible Art Exhibit, Let your immagination run wild!


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