Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walking San Antonio

Oh yeah, my dogs are sore this evening. We drove into San Antonio again today. After parking we walked several miles down to the boarding area for the barge tour on the San Antonio River. Our guide was very informative and shared much history of the Riverwalk. Here are a few photos...the Riverwalk is all I had hoped and more.

As you can see there are lots of different styles of bridges and architecture. It is quite lovely and so serene. There is another section of the river that we hope to tour another day.

After our barge tour, we walked several miles up past where the car was parked to Market Square. There's a fiesta going on there!!! All day every day there are lots of food and vendor booths as well as several stages of live music all along the several miles  length of the square. There are also many permanent shops and restaurants. The ornate French influence on the building styles was surprising to me. I may not have known before this visit that the flag of France was one of the six that have flown over Texas.  What a fun, festive place...Market Square!

After all that walking, we were famished and thirsty. Continuing our streak of fabulous Mexican restaurants, that began in AZ, we ate at La Margarita in Market Square...oh my.

After stuffing ourselves with that delicious meal, we walked several miles back to our car. But, did we come home then...oh no. You see, as retirees we are trying to be cheap conservative. It's Tuesday and on Tuesday at 4:00 admission is free so we went to the San Antonio Museum of Art where we walked several miles viewed their contemporary and modern art collections. 

On the way there passed a couple of sights that I want to share with you.

This is the oldest VFW Hall in the state of Texas. The building is beautiful and it is located on the Riverwalk in the newer north section.

Here is the lock and dam that adjusts the level of the river on the newer north extension of the Riverwalk.

The San Antonio Museum of Art is housed in the former Lone Star Brewery building. What a great restoration and use for such a historic property.

We really did only view the art in a couple of galleries because I was beat by then. Still there were several works that caught my weary eye...

Some works are a bit funky.

Rich was intrigued by this one because it had a Tesla Coil inside that generated arcs of electricity at the top and the bottom of the statue. The range of artworks and media found in modern art is what we love about it.

And some of it is simply lovely.

While others are simply curious...

But here is what I love...the unexpected. This quote by the artist who painted the "curious" work above pretty much sums up why I love modern art...I am in awe of  those who can create what I've never seen and could never describe...

Thanks to all of you who continue to hang around here and read my blog. It's been a while since I've mentioned how much I love doing this and how much I appreciate you.
Now, speaking of retired...I'm retiring for the night.

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  1. Oh Wow! Love the pics of the riverwalk. So glad that you created this great virtual US must visit list. One day, one day.... I think I say that with every new adventure that you lead us on... =)

  2. What a wonderful day! I am so jealous of your weather!

    I took a walk along the Atlantic yesterday and picked up sea shells. I also got some great bridge photos, but was way too tired last night to post much. Today I am off to the MiL's. We will stay in and visit because it is POURING rain.


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