Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dylan's Blog & Casa Blanca

I'm going to share just a couple more things this evening while the kids are watching the Kids' Choice Awards.

While here this time, we have attended hockey practice, games, and the season-ending tournament and also baseball practice, opening ceremony, and games. Dylan is participating in both sports this year. For the past couple of years all three of our grands played Little League but this year, when we are here and could help with coverage, Dylan is the only one who wanted to play.

Dylan has published a couple of vacation posts on his blog at d-dawgblawg and will be posting a couple more about hockey and baseball so he asked me to let you all know. He doesn't publish very often so we know that most of you don't check his all of the time. He loves getting comments so please leave one!

Last evening, we all had dinner at Rich's favorite restaurant, Casa Blanca. While we waited for our food, Shawn entertained us by balancing a salt shaker on an angle. Tending bar while he was in college obviously provided some lasting skills!!!

If you are ever in Chandler, AZ and want great Mexican food this is the place.

And on the way home, Grandpa and I pulled off a great April Fool's Day prank!!! A special day from beginning to end!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Fun Family Evenings


  1. I've been to Chandler, AZ and that's where I ate. No one in our group shared their salt shaker balancing talents with us. Alas.

  2. At least the college tuition didn't go to waste!


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