Friday, April 15, 2011

Riverwalk Mariachi Festival & A Wedding!

We visited with our neighbors after returning from Austin. The dad, son, and two older grandsons had left the mom, DiL, and youngest grandson here Tuesday when they left to hunt javelins. They got back yesterday and were proud to report that they killed three of the wild hogs and have several coolers of fresh meat to prove it. We even got to see movies he took of the hunt.They are delightful, friendly folks from Alabama and we found lots of common topics and places...another joy of RVing!

But the day was long from over! Last evening we returned to the Riverwalk for the Mariachi Festival. It was the first time we've been down there in the was crowded and festive and the atmosphere energy-filled. On the tour we had taken, the guide pointed out an area on Riverwalk where lots of weddings are held. I wanted to find that spot. So, we walked what would have seemed like several miles just a couple of days ago but was actually twice as long and not at all taxing. Obviously I need to do things like this more often!

The tiny wedding island is actually the root ball of an enormous, old cypress tree. Here we are beside the sculpture of hands, two rings, and a cross.

Just after this photo was taken, a barge with a large mariachi group passed by. Since I was talking to the couple who had taken our picture, I nearly missed it...sorry for the blur!
The most exciting thing happened next! The couple who taken our picture were actually waiting for the minister who was going to marry them...right there...on the wedding island. They were eloping and no one was with them so I GOT TO BE THEIR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Oh my! I loved that!

After their marriage ceremony, folks who were dining outside at nearby restaurants on the river was so romantic and sweet and they were so happy; I was ecstatic to have been a small part of such a lovely event. Timing really is everything.

I realize that I have posted so many photos of the Riverwalk but I do love the place and want to share just a few in the fading light of evening.

There were strolling mariachi groups...

...and lovely lights reflected in the river.

And there was PARTYING everywhere you looked. We had never seen this; do you know what it is?

I had to ask after seeing the flourish with which the server quickly placed a full bottle of Dos Equis XX Lager upside down in the large margaritas. At a table near us, all  four people had one so we got to enjoy the show. It is called...are you ready? A Dosarita! We declined the server's offer to bring us one; have you ever had one?

At the same restaurant, Rich and I were serenaded by these great guys...what a blast! 

On the way out of the city last night, we were treated to this view of the Tower of the Americas...stunning!

I suppose you're not surprised to hear that we have extended our stay here for a few more days. It will be hard to leave; there is much to love about San Antonio.

Lovin' Life ~~ San Antonio Style

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  1. So are you going to elope too? HeHeHe! A commemoration of one year of retirement and travel and still being such great friends/life long companions? Just make sure to find a passing by photographer of your own. =)


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