Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Heart of Texas

We made it into San Antonio last evening! I was so glad that Rich didn't listen to me and that he continued to push on through that nearly 450 miles of interstate driving.

Repeating myself but I will tell you again, although there were rare, interesting sights, far west Texas is pretty barren.

I ended up being disappointed with my perception that there was nothing new to see yesterday morning because it led to my decision to read blogs and write comments on them and research some poetry without remaining watchful and keeping camera in hand. That lack of attentiveness made me miss what would have been the shot of the day...four javelinas that were munching grass right alongside the interstate!!! We enjoyed seeing them but by the time I had the camera out of its case and turned on we were too far past them for a photo.

Having learned my lesson, I was quickly back on camera duty when we spied this. Not sure what to expect, I kept an eye on these guys but they never budged from the ridge above us...haha

As we drove eastward, the terrain became hilly and covered with lush foliage in innumerable shades of green. It was beautiful!

In response to your questions...oh, wait, you didn't ask. I'll tell you anyway. While we drive, I entertain myself in a variety of ways in addition to photographing nearly every mile of the trip. One of the many things I love about this motorhome is the desk built into the dash. Here you see my computer, complete with mobile broadband so that I can access the Internet as we cruise along; our Garmin GPS; my cell phone; my Solitaire game; the KOA Kampground directory; and dinner thawing in the sun on the dash...isn't that a riot? I forgot to take the meatballs in red sauce out of the freezer until well after noon so thought it could start thawing in the sun. It worked, but probably looked tacky.

We arrived in San Antonio around 7:30 last evening. Here are some not great shots of the downtown. I have long wanted to visit the Riverwalk and Alamo so I'm sure to get better shots in the days ahead.

Today we relaxed, got settled in at our beautiful RV park, caught up on some tasks, and talked to the kids. I think this is the best RV park we've ever stayed in! It is 40 acres of mature trees and we are parked on the end of a row across the street from a creek. These trees are home to many, many squirrels so Bella has a full-time job keeping an eye on them and barking her head off! When I checked us in, the friendly staff was excited to tell us about Fiesta San Antonio. It appears that, through dumb luck, we've arrived for the biggest annual festival in these parts. There are events at several venues around the city all day and evening for eleven days!

We finally got out to do some grocery shopping around 3:00 this afternoon. It's a must to locate the nearest WalMart as soon as possible wherever we stay...and we plan to stay here for at least a week. Driving around I have noticed that many businesses fly the Texas state flag...and only the Texas flag. I've never seen that anywhere else. What do you think about that? Does it say something or not?

We sat outside this evening to eat dinner and drink a beer...notice the beer cozies we got in Key West last spring, Dorothy? I had to shout out a Roll Tide (for Sandee & Shawn) to our neighbor who displays Auburn stickers. He chuckled and we had a nice long chat.

Maybe tomorrow we'll actually do something worth's been awfully nice though.

Lovin' Life ~~ Relaxing in San Antonio

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  1. I remember that drive across miles of nothing to San Antonio. I never saw Javelins, but we did see a huge Tarantula and a Roadrunner ran along side us for a half mile.


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