Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Into each life....

...some rain must fall,

Some days must be dark and dreary."

Those are the last two lines of the poem The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Yesterday was rainy and dark and dreary until the evening when tornadoes were sighted throughout Arkansas and the rain was joined by its friends hail, lightning, thunder, and variably strong winds.

Many of us gathered in the basement at the KOA where we stayed while in Hot Springs. My heart went out to the four generations of one family who were trying to get to the funeral of a young relative. Another family, with disappointed young kids on spring break, had nearly turned around and returned home the day before due to issues with their RV anyway, then arrived to learn that the amusement park they planned to visit is not opening yet...not the trip they had planned.

Our biggest challenge was just trying to get the girls calmed down with all those people and all that stress around them so we are not complaining. After all, we have been on the road for nearly seven weeks, on this our fifth long trip in the past year, and this is the first extreme weather we have encountered.

The power was still out this morning but we had all services all night in our RV thanks to the house batteries and generator. Thanks to Verizon Mobile Broadband we even had internet connectivity for storm tracking. So we were in great shape throughout the rest of the evening and night.

We left Hot Springs under heavy cloud cover early this morning, as originally planned, continuing our leisurely drive homeward.

That area has strong thunderstorms with the possibility of tornadoes forecast for later today again. We are at Little Rock as I post this, passing lots of raging streams and flooded land.
Lovin' Life ~~ Counting Blessings

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  1. I just caught up on all of your back posts. What a time you are having! I wish I was there! It has been cold and wet here.

    Amoeba is teasing me with the possibility of another trip to Hawaii. He goes often on business and occasionally I go with -- if this is one of his long trips (4-5 days) I get to go. Hope. Hope. Hope!


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