Friday, April 15, 2011

Iron Works BBQ, Austin

After our romp with the girls yesterday morning, Rich and I drove about 80 miles north to Austin for lunch. When you're retired, you have the freedom to just do that...too cool! Years ago, Rich spent three weeks working on a project in Austin. While there, he enjoyed the most delicious beef ribs in the country, so he has claimed all these years.

Here is a photo of the Iron Works BBQ and of the plaque that provides a history of the building and the two generations of ornamental iron workers who created amazing iron art in this building until 1977. In 1978 Iron Works BBQ opened in this building and has been serving its renowned BBQ continuously since then. Patrons were lined up out the doors when we arrived.

The current owners retained pieces of equipment from the original iron works including a work bench, tools, photos, ornamental iron pieces that the Weigls created, and wood stoves. Many celebrities have eaten here and the walls in the back dining room are covered with autographed photos and notes. 

Here, the focus is on the food. You order at the counter where your food is quickly handed to you on a tray; you pick your beverage out of one of the old Coke coolers; select a dessert from the counter; pay at the register and find a table in one of two dining rooms or on the back porch that overlooks a small stream. 

In case you've forgotten...we came here for the food...the beef ribs in particular.

Just look at the size of that rib!

Just look at this satisfied patron! It was every bit as good as he remembered it being!

While we were there, we checked out the state capitol building of course.

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  1. What a great lunch experience! The ribs look wonderful. Been a while since I have had some good ribs. And I LOVE that building. so neat when a history is carried over to a new use. Those wrought iron pieces hanging are awesome. I bet you could spend quite a bit of time just looking at the old iron works antiques. Fun!


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