Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Memphis Barbecue

A couple of weeks ago you may recall that we drove to Austin, TX so that Rich could enjoy his favorite beef ribs. Yesterday, in Memphis, we returned to the Rum Boogie Cafe for what he says are the very best pork ribs. Marion, Arkansas is just across the river from Memphis, Tennessee. Since we risked life and limb just to stop in Memphis for a rack of ribs, I'm dedicating an entire post to that meal.

When we were here the first time, last May on our way back from the Florida Keys, I took a photo of Rich in front of a Blue Moon sign in this same spot. That one was much funnier than this. They have repainted this outdoor bar since then. He rarely drinks but when he does it's Blue Moon beer. Here he is Then I'm walking in Memphis/Was walking with my feet, ten feet off of Beale. You didn't really think I'd write this last post today without a poem or song lyrics did you?

We kept walkin' on down Beale Street to the Rum Boogie Cafe...the home of hundreds of signed guitars and some great Memphis cookin'.

As the song says They've got catfish on the table. I do love me some catfish and their kitchen prepares it perfectly.

But wait, we keep going back there because Rich loves their ribs. He would tell you that this what their kitchen does better than any other.

And here is one happy man!

With all the storm warnings and new ones being spawned by the moment, we had gone into Memphis mid-afternoon so we could get back before all hell the storms broke loose. I hear this is one hoppin' bar in the evenings but that's usually not our scene, and we do come for the great food. I'm so glad we got there in time to have dinner and get back before we had to spend the rest of the evening seeking protection from the storms in the shower rooms.

Tonight it is not raining and we are not seeking shelter or even tracking storm cells on the internet. What a relief! After driving all day in rain along with varying degrees of other storm conditions, hopefully MOAO will get some much deserved rest.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Favorite Kitchens

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