Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

As promised in this blog post last night there is much more to share about our evening. Let me begin by saying that we don't shy away from adventure...our definition of adventure includes climbing out on rock cliffs above the ocean; driving a remote, secluded, one-lane dirt road with heavy swamp on both sides; traveling all over the country; seeking wildlife on unknown, unmarked, dark country roads; not seeing another soul for an entire day while driving on steep dirt paths along deep get the idea. I have no qualms, no hesitation about any of those adventures. Our urban adventures, however, do sometimes give me pause and anticipating last evening's adventure made me more than a bit skittish.

As my niece guessed, the photos in my teaser post were of Rich and I riding the Boston subway to attend a baseball game at Fenway Park. This was on Rich's "bucket list" and I did not even realize that until he proposed that we go to a game while in the Boston area. If you are ever inclined to do this, know that there is lots of parking at the station we left from and even though we had to change subways at the Park station, it was no problem because the signage is clear and plentiful. We've done this in Manhattan with no problem; I suppose it was the nighttime aspect that made me a tad uneasy about this one. Anyway, it was a breeze and I would not hesitate to do it that I am a pro...giggle

Waiting for the gates to open on Boston's Yawkey Way outside Fenway Park.

We live near Chicago and I'm certain that all Cubs fans consider Wrigley Field to be "America's Most Beloved Ballpark"...doncha think?

We have plenty of Cardinal and White Sox fans around us too...nah...their ballparks can't compare with Wrigley and Fenway...sorry guys.

A lifelong Cubs fan but just thrilled to be at Fenway Park for a game!

I don't quite get the significance of the wall that's called the Green Monster but Rich was excited to see it in person.

Now this I get. This cutie is the Red Sox' mascot, Wally the Green Monster!

Here are a couple of photos just to show you what a gorgeous evening it was for baseball in Boston last night.

The announcer's box above Rich as we prepare to leave the ballpark.

We walked several blocks to the platform; waited just a few minutes, and now here comes the subway to take us to our station...I'd better hustle on!

Lovin' Life ~~ Oh Yeah...Boston Beat the Yankees 9 - 5  

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