Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old Glory

On this day of remembrance for all Americans, the blogosphere is filled with posts and comments written with such deep feelings of patriotism and love of country on this tenth anniversary of that horrid day. While we drive home this morning, I've been reading the many poignant comments to Pioneer Woman's post. The only photo she included this morning is of a large American flag that flies in her town. She remarked that "The flag wasn’t here ten years ago."

I don't have any brilliant words to offer in remembrance today. I do, however, have this...

This enormous flag was flying over a nondescript building as we drove to the subway station to attend the baseball game in Boston.

We have been equally touched by displays of flags of all sizes and by communities, such as this one, where flags were displayed along their streets.

These are but two of several such photos I have taken since we began our travels. We love seeing these flags flying high and proud throughout our magnificent country. I am reminded of 9-11 every time we see one and suspect that most were not there ten years ago and are flown to keep alive the memory of that fateful day. I am grateful to all who continue to inspire patriotism and remembrance through this awesome display.

Lovin' Life ~~ Our Flag, Our Country  

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