Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Northeastern Pocono Mtns.

It rained all day yesterday...all day. We finally took a drive anyway to explore the area which will be indescribably gorgeous in a couple more weeks when all the trees have donned their fall colors. They are beginning to turn now.

Between Hamlin and Honesdale we stopped to soak in the beauty and unusual plant life of the Price-Simpson Wetland.

Honesdale claims to be the "Home of the American Railroad"...huh?...which I still need to research.  After driving around town for a while, we struck out on remote country know us. Here are a few of my favorite sights.

Natural stone fences abound in this area.

I love old barns and sheds.

This gazebo was on the grounds of a monastery we visited deep in the hills of Pennsylvania..

But this...this is such a beautiful photo. I would dearly love to have an island in a pond with an arched bridge on a piece of idyllic property like this! Obviously this pond is out of its banks; as are all ponds and streams there. I could have PhotoShopped this to brighten the colors but I love it SOOC; this is what I saw, this is what entranced me.

Lovin' Life ~~ Rainy Day Drives, Too  

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