Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainmakers For Hire

Since the weather folks were not predicting that the rains would stop for a few more days, or until after we left the area, we decided this morning to continue on toward home. It had not stopped pouring...yesterday, overnight, this morning so I offered to drive the car until we got to a town and highway. It was a good plan.

The first part of our drive was on roads like this...

...that were remote, narrow, sharply curved, often steep, with water coursing across them and flooding along either side. We were so glad that Rich didn't also have to deal with the additional challenges of towing. Roads were closed at one point but, thankfully, not in the direction we were turning. We got into town without mishap, made our way to I-84 then to I-81 and on to I-80 which passes near our a few hundred miles that is!

Special Offer:  Much of the day's drive has been through torrential rain. Because we seem to attract rain...heavy rain...wherever we travel (except for Texas, so sorry), we're considering offering our rainmaker services to communities that need it. We can provide references...lots of references!

Here are a few photos of today's drive. You will notice a couple of squiggles or smudges; my beloved Canon G-9 is failing and somehow these are inside the body, not on the lens. We'll be researching before shopping so any suggestions for a new camera would be greatly appreciated. Many of you know how devastated I am about this and how difficult it will be to select my next camera.

For now though, this was the scene for much of today's drive. I have lots of photos of flooding, but Lord knows we've all seen too much of that this year already.

I try to shoot as the wiper clears, but it was not a great day for photography. This was our drive through the Appalachian Mountains in central Pennsylvania. It's beautiful country and we certainly hope to pass through here again sometime under better weather conditions.

We're parked for the night at a WalMart. I hope they continue to let RVs park for the night at most WalMart stores because it is so convenient and we do most of our shopping there anyway. Speaking of shopping...Rich already walked over there...I'd better get a move on!

Lovin' Life ~~ Persevering Through Storms  

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