Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hitching Posts

Today we went to Shipshewana which is the more touristy of the seven communities in this well known section of Indiana. We did some Christmas shopping and picked up a couple of goodies at a bakery.

We had not seen very many horse drawn buggies until today, but Saturday is apparently market day for the Amish. Here are three photos I took there...

Customers' buggies are tied to the hitching post at Wells Fargo Bank, which uses a stagecoach as its emblem...lovin' that.

Can you read the sign by this hitching post? It says HORSE DRAWN VEHICLES ONLY. We don't have these signs in any parking lots near us, how about you?

Horses are tied to the hitching post close to the pumps in this gas station while their passengers enjoy lunch inside at Subway.

Next, on our way to the WalMart in Goshen, Rich drove through country roads lined with perfectly maintained Amish farms. We were frequently treated to scenes where draft horses were working with them to harvest field crops, most clotheslines were filled with laundry drying in today's gentle breeze, and barefoot children were mowing lawns.

This sight, as we drove through the WalMart parking lot, is the one that surprised and thrilled me the most though. This is what I call customer service.

This shelter sits to the side of the parking lot at the end nearest the front of the store and is provided by WalMart for the convenience and shelter of their Amish customers' horse drawn buggies. My mom is going to love seeing this! I spoke with an Amish couple who had just parked there and were on their way into the store. They told me how they appreciate the shelter and that this store is now so popular that oftentimes all the slots are full!

Tomorrow we will arrive back home; it's hard to believe that we have been gone for six weeks. We've visited so many incredible places that the time has flown. This last evening I want to share photos of the girls that I took after Rich and I got back this afternoon. They are such great traveling companions but I'm sure that they will love having more space to chase each other around in the house.

Dora wrestling with the sheet we keep on the couch.

Bella lying close to Rich while he reads.

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