Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cape Cod

Surprisingly, there is one main road up the center of Cape Cod, Hwy 6 so you must venture onto side roads to see the ocean. Rarely do side roads parallel the shore and most of it is privately owned. But when you do reach a beach...oh my! I hope you took two minutes to watch the movie I posted yesterday. Between the days spent with the kids at Michigan beaches and the many beaches we've visited on this trip, I have been converted to a beach person.

Our first stop on Cape Cod was in the town of Harwich to visit a church for a dear friend back home. As we entered the town, I saw this which turned out to be my favorite photo of the day.

This lovely chapel is located behind the church we were visiting. The setting is beautiful, the stained glass windows are breathtaking, and I felt such peace sitting for a spell in the carved wooden pews. What touched me most deeply though were the tiny angels covering the roof...the second photo is cropped so you can see them.

As we often do, we picked up lunch at a deli and picnicked with the girls. This was at Forest Beach Overlook in Chatham.

On the main street in Chatham, I noticed this Public Library next door to a church. Do you think it's the smallest library in the country? I can't imagine how one could be smaller. How would you like to work in this library, Sandee?

Since I was surprised at the heavily treed roadways, I'm posting a couple of photos along with one of the lighthouse at Nauset Light Beach in North Eastham.

Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet is the one I posted a photo and movie of yesterday. There's more today though because I LOVE this beach! Since we had the girls with us, Rich stayed at the car with them. As the photos below show: The waves come in, the foam of the surf sparkles as they recede, and they roll along the shore in such awesome patterns. Fabulously, the beach is pristine...little seaweed and no trash. At the left side of this next photo, notice the ridge at the crest of the wave.

My favorite view...watching the waves roll all the way up the shore.

You see that Newcomb Hollow Beach is at the base of these cliffs... you have to walk down (and ultimately back up of course!) this steep, deep-sand path to the beach. It is well worth the effort though.

Rich took Hwy 3A which does run along the shore of Cape Cod Bay and is lined with older motels and cabins located directly on the beachfront. This highway took us into Provincetown. We happened upon this very narrow street where throngs of people wandered among the many restaurants and shops.

At a distance, this photo is closely cropped, the Race Point Lighthouse can be seen.

The landscape bordering the Cape Cod National Seashore on the way to Race Point out of Provincetown was so varied and unlike any we had seen before.

Arriving at Race Point, I was thrilled to discover yet another beautiful beach. Since evening was falling, it was getting a bit cool so even the sand had been chilled by the sea.

Walking down to the beach the path was lined with this fencing, so common on the eastern seaboard.

Just look at how much Dora was enjoying the beach, she pranced and leaped the whole time we were there!

To the right is the Race Point Ranger Station.

This is a self-portrait in the lengthening shadows of the evening.

We didn't stay for sunset but did get some great shots of the evening sun splayed across the beach.

Not long after we left Race Point, I did capture this sunset shot.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Now Beaches Too  

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