Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two State Capitols

This part of the country is so compact that it is easy to visit two state capitals in a day. However, we took two days to visit the capitols of Rhode Island and Connecticut. We're doing easy days...remember?

Yesterday we took a short drive to Providence, the capitol of Rhode Island. That capitol building sits on a hilltop overlooking the city and occupies a sizable plot of land which is a requirement for that massive building! It makes one wonder why. Why would the smallest state in the country require such a huge capitol building? If the objective was to compete with the big guys all around it, they succeeded.

Here is the front.

This shot of the back shows the size of it better.

It is Labor Day Weekend and it was incredible how full our KOA was when we returned from our drive compared to when we left around noon. As we drove into the park, this train was on its way to pick up passengers. We've stayed at lots of KOAs but never saw this before. Our grands would love this!

We left the great Middleboro KOA late this morning, drove around Providence, and through Connecticut to New York...again! New York is a huge state! We Rich (you do remember who does EVERYTHING, right?) drove through Hartford, Connecticut so that we could check out its state capitol building too. Except for the gold dome, this one reminds me of a European castle. Check it out...

This is the front.

This photo shows a portion of the back.

I should start a folder of state capitol buildings; I have no idea how many we have photographed but enough to maybe make a cool collage or something. Perhaps I should wait until I have photos of our own state capitol???

Yes, we have turned our RV westward toward home. We wanted to spend tonight in Connecticut but the WalMart did not allow overnight parking so we came on into New York. We're going to try to visit West Point tomorrow before driving on to Pennsylvania where we may spend a couple of days.

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Architecture of Capitol Buildings  

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  1. Awesome Architecture. So many amazing buildings that exist. Such variety amongst the USA.

    The boys would think that train was super cool! It would be tough to get them off once they had a ride.


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