Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainbows & Patience ~~ Life's Gifts

Last Friday I went to visit my mom and, by the time I left her yesterday, she was exhausted. There will definitely be a post or two about some of the things we did, but not tonight.

Driving home for three and half hours through intermittent rain, I photographed some amazing sky/cloud scenes that I'll also share at some point. Tonight though, I'm simply sharing this photo of a rainbow taken from our deck during a brief shower shortly after I arrived home yesterday. Clear, complete, perfect rainbows are on my list of life's most amazing gifts.

While I was gone, MOAO painted our bedroom. What a job that was! It's a big room and there's a short hall to our bathroom with closets on both sides; there's a lot of prep work. A few years ago we had painted it two contrasting, but both very dark, colors. It took two coats of one of those new ultra coverage paints to cover those colors.

Do you want to know how I rewarded him? Aw c'mon, just gently breaking it to him that I hate the color...the color I picked out before I left! Of the many things I did today, one was picking a couple more colors and getting those little sample jars this time which I slathered over his new paint job in various spots around the room. We'll be painting again tomorrow. His patience...another of life's most amazing gifts.

Lovin' Life ~~ Recognizing Life's Most Amazing Gifts

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  1. Hi Sis,

    Mom sure had a great time with you last weekend. I love hearing her stories about your adventures. She is one lucky lady.


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