Friday, September 9, 2011

Indiana ~ RV Hall of Fame

All good things must come to an end and we are parked at the last stop on this trip. Yesterday we Rich drove and drove and drove some more. It rained off and on, of course, and there wasn't anything along that stretch of I-80 through the rest of Pennsylvania and all of Ohio and a good chunk of Indiana that really grabbed our attention. We decide to spend a few days in Indiana though to visit the RV Hall of Fame, do some cleaning and organizing to prepare for the unloading when we get home, and to eat some of that great Amish cooking!

Here's a glimpse of our day here...

Rich and the Go RVing elk at the RV Hall of Fame. We saw several delightfully painted elks as we drove around the area today.

This road in the RV Hall of Fame displays many antique recreational vehicles. We spent quite a while there looking at the many RVs and chatting with folks.

We're certainly not too travel weary yet; we haven't lost our ability to make fools of ourselves!

Rich getting some tips from Poker Patty at the RV Hall of Fame.

After leaving the Hall of Fame, this is one of the sculptures we saw around Elkhart. I'm lovin' this one!

This is one of the twenty-seven flower beds laid out in the design of a favorite quilt block that were planted throughout the seven communities around Elkhart and Shipshewana, Indiana.

This buggy was parked at a store. I would never photograph any of the Amish folks though because it is against their beliefs.

What do this a "sign" telling us where to go on our next trip?

We had not eaten out for a while and this was an Amish restaurant. Do you know what that means? Delicious food!!!

A great end to a leisurely day...and of course it rained again today.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Amish Country  

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  1. Can't believe you were so close to me! I would have invited you for an Irish meal. Nearly as good as Amish, most of the same letters... :)

    Next time!


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