Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cantina Laredo

When we were in AZ last winter we fell in love with Cantina Laredo which is located in the SanTan Village mall. Before returning to AZ this year, we wanted to check out their Chicago location. This was our destination when we drove into the city for lunch this past Thursday. Located at the corner of State and Illinois, their building is beautiful...inside and out.

Left of the entrance

Right of the entrance

Our dining area

Really, we do come for the Margaritas and the menu, not just the ambience.

Seventeen days earlier, we had driven to Centennial, CO, while we were in the area visiting our nieces, for the express purpose of having lunch at Cantina Laredo. Whenever we are near one of their locations, we plan to indulge! This restaurant is located at the Streets of South Glenn mall.

Sometimes my brain malfunctions...this was one of those times...I only took photos of our lunch with my phone to send to Sandee, even though my camera was sitting on the table...yikes!

They serve the best Margaritas...the VERY BEST!

The food is extraordinary, not your typical Mexican fare, definitely a cut above.

I have raved about this dessert before. The Mexican Apple Pie, sizzled in Brandy Butter is
the best dessert anywhere...the VERY BEST! 

There are locations in several states so if you are near one, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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